Top 5 Places To Go In Turks & Caicos

Top 5 Places To Go In Turks & Caicos

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Get your booty on a plane to the Providenciales as soon as physically possible. You WILL NOT regret it! I’ve got your back and I’ve got a list coming your way for the Top 5 places you’ll want to make sure and visit while you’re there!

5. The beach (duh)

This one seems obvious, I know. The beaches are i n c r e d i b l e. Your inner mermaid heart will thank you for this one, cross my sassy heart. Literally any beach you go to will be worth it! Getting to see how the color of the water changes before your eyes is an experience I will never forget. There are a lot of resorts along one end of Grace Bay, but if you walk down a ways, there are some more private beaches. It’s a great way to get away from the hoards of people on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves in peace. I promise that you will never want to leave.


4. Lizard Island

We visited Lizard Island on our boat tour with Island Vibe. Lizard Island is a little island well worth the quick boat trip! It is the most beautiful beach I’ve seen to date. The sand is so soft it feels like your walking on clouds handwoven straight from heaven. If you venture into the island, there’s a strong chance you’ll get to meet some new reptilian friends! We were able to see quite a few of the little guys on our mini hike. This little island is also the perfect spot for an “impromptu” (not really, so make sure you wear your cutest bikini!) photo shoot!


3. Fish Fry

While we were there, some of the locals we met told us about a local fish fry that happens on Thursdays. If you have a chance to go while you’re traveling, definitely check it out! It was a blend of locals and tourists with local music and some bomb freaking food. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Turks & Caicos event without rum punch (which if you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting, you will learn is quite literally the juice of the alcohol gods). There were also lots of booths set up that were selling adorable souvenirs and goodies to take home with you.

2. Downtown

The downtown shopping area was about a 5 minute drive from our villa. We ventured away from the beach a couple of times and spent an absolutely wonderful time browsing the shops. A lot of the shops are filled with local art that are great for souvenirs or for keepsakes. If you’re traveling with a male partner who has an aversion to shopping, don’t fret. One of the shops is prepared for that! Complementary whiskey (how absolutely cunning is that???). So now he has absolutely no excuse not to go with you! And you can just forget to mention that the other shops weren’t quite so clever as this one… You’re welcome.

1. Conch. Shack.

You may have noticed the periods strategically placed up there. That was no accident, my friends. CONCH. SHACK. If you don’t add this to your itinerary, you’re missing out on one of the best places on the island – not exaggerating. This was by far my favorite place we went during our trip. Right on the beach, amazing food, a rum bar, the tastiest rum punch, and the best part? Local reggae music and a stage absolutely made to dance barefoot on.


***may have had to borrow that first picture from Google… I really wanted ya’ll to see what the restaurant and stage looked like but I might have been a little too *ahem* inebriated on rum punch and dancing and didn’t take as many pictures as usual. Whoops! #sorrynotsorry

I promise that you won’t regret adding any of these places to your travel plan agenda! Even if you’re a bonafide beach bum like myself, these places will immerse you in the culture and beauty of Turks & Caicos. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and start planning your next dream vacay!

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