Sorry, Buddha (Thoughts on Letting Go)

Sorry, Buddha (Thoughts on Letting Go)

You might have read my last post about how Buddha is all stuck up and doesn’t actually offer any helpful advice. Obviously, that was my sad, crying heart talking. Buddha is (and always will be) ruler of all things wise and true. I’m sure that his words will live on for thousands of years to come. On that note, I am officially announcing my apology and rescinding any negative statements made towards Buddha in my last post. I will, however, stand by the fact that letting go is never easy. We all handle changes in our lives differently… My way of handling is just happened to include going off on Buddha.

Did that sound official and serious enough? I really tried, people. But honestly, let’s get real. Buddha was obviously right. Because he’s Buddha. And I was (sort of) wrong. Dealing with change, whether good or bad, can be extremely challenging and scary. For a while, I didn’t want to deal with it at all. I wanted to complain about how there isn’t some Magic Moving On Pill that you can take so your pain goes away. I wanted to blame Buddha for not giving any actual proactive advice.

I admit, I was in the wrong. Totally and truly. You know when you’re trying to fall asleep and your brain doesn’t want to stop talking? You keep getting all of these great and/or whacky ideas that you know you’re going to forget by the morning. That happened to me the other night, but instead of a lightbulb going off, it was more like the lightbulb hit me in the face.

Moving on sucks you know what. (Honestly, I left that blank so you can fill it in with your own creative and appropriate cuss word.) B U T: the only way to really move on and let go? Living your life. The crazy emotional roller coaster I was on last week? I barely remember why I was actually upset. Everyone always goes on and on about how time heals all wounds, blah blah. Well, I take back all of my ‘blahs’ because I think that cliche actually has some merit. But what they don’t say is what to do with all of this free time you suddenly have (you know, since your life is in upheaval). Here’s what I say: Live. Your. Life. Do things for you. Things that you enjoy, whether they be new or old. By immersing yourself in things that will add to your life, you’re opening yourself up to so much more.

Me? I started this blog. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, and that’s because I did it for myself. I wanted a place where I could share my life, my adventures, and my silliness with others. I invested in myself and now I’m on my way to truly letting go of past hurts and lessons. For the record, I might not have gone about letting go very gracefully (sorry, Buddha), but I still got there! I learned my lesson and the next time around, I’m going to spend more time trying to embrace advice instead of bashing on the wise man.

With New Found Sass and Hope,



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