How to Pack for a Mini Beach Vacay In One Carry-On Bag

How to Pack for a Mini Beach Vacay In One Carry-On Bag

If there was ever one picture to describe me it would be this:

Just recently I was put to the test. I went on a quick three day trip and it cost extra money to check a bag, so I had to find a way to curve my overpacking impulses. I only took a carry-on bag and my purse and brought absolutely everything I needed! Fine…almost everything, but I only forgot two things so I’m gonna call it a success.

Fortunately, my trip was to the beach, so I didn’t need to bring very many bulky items. If you’re traveling to the mountains you might have a harder time taking only one bag. Hopefully I will never be put to that test because I’m absolutely confident that I would fail. Some of you are thinking, “No way! She could do it if she really tried. It couldn’t be that hard, I could probably do it.” And how wrong you are, my friends. You underestimate my overpacking abilities. I’ll just tell you, they are extraordinary.

So, how was I able to talk myself out of overpacking, you ask? I came up with a few guidelines to help all you fellow over-preparers.

Rule 1: Make a List 

I didn’t actually do this, but I’m pretty sure it would be helpful. That way you don’t forget anything like I did.

Rule 2: Pack 1 Hour Before You Leave

Now this, this is actually better than a list! You think I’m kidding but I’m not. Packing right before you leave ensures that you only grab the essentials, which are things that you absolutely wouldn’t want to realize you forgot once you’ve made it to your destination. Examples of essential items would be your phone charger, enough underwear, toothbrush, headphones…you get the idea.

Rule 3: Analyze Yourself and Only Pack One Extra of Everything

So, for me, this was the hardest part. I wanted to bring every pair of shorts I owned but I knew that wouldn’t fly for this trip. I also wanted to bring more than one bathing suit and multiple pairs of shoes. Please keep in mind that this was for a three day trip… SO, what was a girl to do? I made myself really think about what we would be doing during the trip and only let myself bring one extra of the things that I thought I might need.

What was in my carry-on?? I made a list for ya’ll! (So now you can just use this one and not have to worry about Rule 1, you’re welcome!)

1. 2 pairs of jean shorts and 1 pair of athletic shorts

2. 1 pair of leggings and 1 t-shirt for the plane ride home

3. 2 cute tank tops and 1 extra comfy tank for the beach

4. 1 pair of cute sandals and 1 pair of flip flops

5. 2 bathing suits (since we would be there for 2 full days)

6. 1 book (fine…1 real book, and extras on my Kindle)

7. Headphones

8. Waterproof speaker

9. Toiletry items

10. Phone charger

11. Water bottle

12. Neck pillow

13. Pullover (for sunset on the beach)

14. 1 dress for a nice dinner

15. Sunglasses

And there you have it, friends! Everything you need for a quick vacay on the beach all packed in one carry-on. Now you can pack light and shove it in everyone’s face that ever judged you for being an overpacker! You sure showed ’em.

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