Impatiently Waiting for Italy (And Gelato)

Impatiently Waiting for Italy (And Gelato)

See that picture right there? That’s where I’m going to be in just 2 days. You could say the excitement is real. How am I dealing with the anticipation and stress? Well, I’m totally not. I can hardly stand the wait any longer! I want to bust out of my skin with excitement, which would obviously be terrible because then I would never even make it to Italy.

Sometimes waiting for a trip to happen is more exciting than the actual trip itself. That is not the case for me. I’ve been waiting to leave for almost a YEAR, and now I’m less than 2 days away from being in one of the most romantic places on Earth. Granted, I’m going to be traveling with my BFF and a bunch of other peeps I’ve never met before, so maybe the fact that Italy is known for all things romance (language, beautiful vineyards, quaint restaurants, charming men) won’t actually mean a thing to me on this trip. Or, maybe I’ll get all cheesy and fall in love with myself and/or the country of Italy while I’m there. I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s going to be amazing. The anticipation of actually being on Italian soil has been building literally for months. I know that as soon as I get there, this feeling of anticipation will transform into a sense of freedom and pure joy. So, as you can imagine, I am more than ready, even if I may or may not still still have a million things to do to get ready….you all know I mean packing, right?? We’ve been over this whole, “I am the worst procrastinator/packer” thing.

What have I been doing in this loooong year of planning and anticipation?

Well, first things first, I set up this blog. I’ve wanted to set up a travel blog for a while, but I always felt like I didn’t have the experience or the means to travel. Then, when I finally decided to take this trip, I grew some you know whats and decided to just go for it! I literally set everything up in one night. I was like a blogger machine or something. Since then, I have changed my theme like 20 times and edited all my posts at least twice, but it’s been so freeing to pour myself into something that I love to do.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to do any of the flight/tour planning for this trip. I’m going through EF Tours (which is amazing, by the way). They pick the flight for you, schedule all of the tours, set up your hotels and transportation, and all you have to do is make biweekly payments. It’s been a total lifesaver this year. I’m finishing up my last couple of years of school (!!!) and knowing this trip is already planned and waiting for me is ah-mazing.

With that being said, I still have to figure out packing, which in my opinion is the hardest and most annoying part of any trip. You might have read my other post, How I Packed for a Three Day Vacay In One Carry-On Bag, and thought that maybe I knew what I was talking about. Sorry, ya’ll, I’m still the queen of overpacking. I just want to take everything with me when I go! And, well, that’s not going to fly on this trip. So for the last month, I’ve been meticulously putting together (aka buying) outfits and trying them all on. I also got a new suitcase, which I cannot wait to use! Pro Packing Tip: PACKING CUBES. You’re welcome. But seriously, getting a new suitcase has made packing so much more exciting, and the packing cubes have made everything less stressful.

And how can you eagerly await a trip without Pinterest? It’s impossible. Pinterest has the best packing tips, travel pics and inspiration, and trendy+comfy outfit ideas all in one magical place. Head on over to my Pinterest page to check out all of the wander-inspired pins I’ve compiled! I’ve basically been stalking Pinterest for the last 2 weeks, looking up everything Italian. From packing tips, what to take, common phrases….basically I am ready the heck to go.

So as some people say, the anticipation can be more exciting than the trip itself — but I guarantee you, nothing will be able to top the excitement I’ll have when we land in Venice and I have my first sip of Italian wine with my best friend sitting beside me.

Watch out for a post coming soon on everything I packed for 10 amazing, adventurous days in Italy! Until then, I’m going to be daydreaming, packing, and freaking the flip out about leaving in 2 DAYS.

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  1. Jeanie Cash
    May 18, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Have a fantastic trip Sass!!!
    Enjoy every minute of it!!!

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