Essence of Venice – The Picture Files

Essence of Venice – The Picture Files

If ya’ll missed it, my post about things to do in Venice is live! But while you’re here, you should check out my absolute favorite pictures from Venice. The views around the city are breathtaking. If you can tune out the millions of tourists, it actually feels like you’ve travelled back in time. Where social status, political leaders, and architecture ruled.

A quiet canal, a bell tower, and a gondola. Truly, the essence of Venice in one picture.

I honestly can’t say enough about the canals. Taking a ride on a gondola allows you to get away from the other annoying tourists and really take in the beauty of the city.

I have a thing for birds. And Venice is flock full of them (pun intended)!

The Grand Canal….*sighs wistfully*

The ode to St. Peter. It was built OK I guess.

The view from the top! It doesn’t get much more picturesque than this.

If you went to Venice but didn’t take a portrait photo of your gelato, did you really go to Venice?? (Side note, this Oreo gelato is e v e r y t h i n g)

That booty though…..

The Bridge of Sighs will honestly have you feeling some type of way.

I mean, that architecture, amiright? I don’t even know anything about building stuff, but come on! Those little details? Incredible.

Have I mentioned the canals???


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