AmsterDAYUM – International Travel Tips

AmsterDAYUM – International Travel Tips

As you guys have probably recently seen (not like I’m spamming Instagram or anything), is my venture to Italy. We finally reached Amsterdam (I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep in the last 34 hours, hey sleep deprivation!) and I’ve already learned so much about traveling. Here’s some pointers on some things you can feel good about doing while traveling. And when I say good, I really just mean not so embarrassed, because now you’ll know other people have done it too.

1. Spill coffee on your shirt. Of course, I did this, literally before our very first plane ride. But it’s your travel shirt for a reason, right?? That’s what I told myself to make myself feel better, at least.

2. Get up and use the restroom on the plane. My friend and I were talking and we both realized we felt a little bad about having to get up and make people move. You guys, everyoooone has to pee, and no way, no how can you hold it for an 8 hour flight. So don’t worry, just go!

3. Sleep on the floor of the airport when your last flight has been delayed another hour. When you’ve been traveling for what feels like ever, you might feel like you’re dying. Totally normal! When your last flight (out of 3) gets delayed, you might feel like it’s some kind of cruel joke. So, use your carry-on as a pillow and lay it all out there–literally.

4. People watch. When you have a 2 hour layover in Amsterdam, you’re gonna see some interesting people. Maybe don’t stare down the hot officers (amster-dayum, amiright?!) with the big scary guns, but it’s totally ok to take a look around at everyone. Take some pics?? Eh, why not! Did I mention the guys are hot? You’re gonna want to remember them.

5.  Try to pronounce every foreign word you see. You’re going to butcher the words, but that’s why it’s hilarious! You may get funny or rude looks from other travelers, but they’re just jealous because they’re not having as much fun as you.

6. Laugh uncontrollably when you’ve reached sleep deprivation state.  Honestly, I feel like laughing is one of the only things that kept us going. 3 hours of sleep makes literally everything funny, so just roll with it. 

Bottom line is, anything that makes you feel more comfortable and safe, roll with it. Traveling can be exhausting, annoying, frustrating, and worst of all, scary. But it can also be exhilarating, hilarious, freeing, and fun.

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