5 Essentials You Need In Turks & Caicos

5 Essentials You Need In Turks & Caicos

If ya’ll EVER get the chance to go to Turks & Caicos do not, I repeat, DO NOT let that chance go by. It is one of the most magical, beautiful, beach-tastic places I have ever had the pleasure of adventuring to. If you’re a true beach bum/mermaid like me, there is no way you could ever regret hopping on a plane down to the Providenciales. If the rum punch isn’t motivation enough, the snorkling, boating, and sunbathing should surely be enough to convince you that a trip like this is once in a lifetime.

So, what does a young 20-something girl/mermaid need down on the islands?

5: A sense of ADVENTURE. Go out and go snorkling! You might just see a barracuda. I know- say what?! Don’t worry, it didn’t attack. Go parasailing or on a boat tour (I would recommend Island Vibe- they were GREAT). Go explore downtown. Don’t be afraid to kick off your flip flops and sing karaoke in the bar barefoot. Shoes are optional on the island. It’s practically a law or something.


4: A camera. This may seem obvious, but how else will you take all those amazing pictures that will make everyone you know at home so jealous?? You could just use your phone, but if you’re like me, you won’t want to pay what feels like thousands of dollars just to be able to use your phone down there. If you’re staying at a villa or hotel you’ll probably have wifi, but otherwise I didn’t use my phone at all. It was wonderful to unplug and just enjoy wherever I was. BUT you will still want to take some stellar freaking pictures! So grab a camera so you can shove it in everyone’s faces how incredible your trip was.


3: Lots and lots of shorts + a cute dress for a nice dinner out. We went back and forth from the beach A LOT during the day, so it was nice to have a quick change of clothes handy. We also rode bikes from our villa to restaurants for either lunch or dinner. If you’re a dress or skirt person, I would highly recommend bringing some shorts if you’re going to be biking. It’s hard enough to bike and worry about riding on the wrong side of the road (since Turks & Caicos is an English province), I can’t imagine having to worry about a skirt either! We also planned ahead of time to go out to a nice dinner one night, so I brought along a cute, beach-y dress. If you’re going to be at a swanky restaurant right on one of the prettiest voted beaches in the world, you are going to feel like a beach goddess in your little black dress, just let me tell you.

2: A good book (or 2). I spent about 85% of my time laying on the beach, listening to the waves, and relaxing the heck out. It was MAGICAL. If you’re a readaholic like me, definitely bring more than one book! I brought two and got through both of them before our trip was over. I may have downloaded some e-books onto my iPad with the wifi at our villa just so that I wasn’t left completely book-less… Let me just say, for me, heaven will be laying on a beach with an unlimited amount of books at my disposal.

1: BRAIDS. Braids, my sweet friends, will save your life. My go to was pigtail braids because they are both adorable and  functional. Getting in and out of the ocean throughout the day does absolutely despicable things to my curly mane. I’ll spare you the horror stories. But seriously, when we went out on the boat or snorkling, the braids were an absolute miracle. They kept my hair out of my face but also made it so much more manageable for later (hallelujah for leave-in conditioner, amiright?). So, ladies, do yourself a favor and practice some french braiding before you trek across the ocean. You can thank me later.

There you have it! Everything you need for a bomb a$* trip to Turks & Caicos. Well, everything besides the rum punch, but there’s plenty of that on the island, don’t you worry! Unplug, relax, and most importantly, breathe in and connect with the beauty and magic that is Turks & Caicos.

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